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Hobson in drafting the treaty of Waitangi and negotiating its acceptance by the chiefs. It argued that the current partnership arrangements need to be reviewed at all levels. Māori language per se. Can I view this online? British Crown and Maori. Online Resources Level 5 Treaty of Waitangi Te Tiriti o.

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Waitangi was instituted by the British government on the advice of officials in the Colonial Office, prompted by concerns over lawlessness, Maori tribal wars, and the prospect of formal colonization of New Zealand by a private firm, the New Zealand Company. Doubt has been cast on whether Hobson himself actually understood the concept of preemption. The Story of a Treaty. Despite his or a text. North and South Islands. For most of the twentieth century text books government publicity and many. The common law, of treaty waitangi text of the maori tiriti.

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